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“Goodnight Moon, Goodbye Breonna"

While all the deaths of the past year of people of color at the hands of the police have been horrific,

the death of Breonna Taylor has haunted me. My heart ached for this young woman who was killed in

the sanctuary of her own home. Something our white privilege may take for granted. It is one thing for

black and brown people to be afraid of the police when out in the world it, is totally another to be

terrified in your own home. I can only imagine the fear of being suddenly awakened by the sound of

your door being broken. I experienced a nighttime break in while staying with a friend in Baltimore. I remember that moment of being woken from sleep and those seconds of confusion. I wanted to

capture that moment for Miss Taylor in that last minute of her life. My painting is titled Goodnight Moon, Goodbye Breonna. The title and inspiration came from the 1947 children’s book Goodnight Moon. I have recreated the room that the little rabbit safely sleeps in. I wanted to show the end of Breonna’s short life along with changing some of the nursery rhyme paintings to show some of the history that led up to her ultimate death. It was a very sad piece to paint, yet I needed to say something on behalf of this young


This painting was accepted in the jury show Social Injustice at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix AZ and

will go on display December 4, 2020

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Goodnight Moon Goodbye Breonna