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the brush stroke September 29, 2017 



After a year of wet and cold weather in Portland Oregon, I have departed for warmer weather. As of May 2017, I have settled in sunny Tucson Arizona. I am enjoying the sunshine and all the wonderful flora and fauna here. While still unpacking, I have completed my first Arizona art project. While not a painting - it still involved painting. I brought a used kitchen table that I had purchased in Oregon. It was painted a cheery yellow, though fading and unfortunately suffered some scaping and scuffs in the move to Tucson. As I have painted condos, cabinets and furniture over the years, I decided to paint this table and two chairs. While the oil in the wood presented problems, I have completed my table project. I enjoyed painting some new characters and using a different color palette. I am making lots of sketches for new works and look forward to starting new paintings soon.


Check this page for regular updates  highlighting new paintings, specials, creative tips and news from bettina. Also the painting of the month - which will feature a painting and the story behind it.


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