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I originally started painting in oils as a young girl. In college I started working with acrylics for illustration projects and found that it was better suited to my flat layered style of painting. Though I was majoring in commercial art, I did not take any painting classes in college. Still, I found working in acrylic was a better medium for my painting. Occasionally I will do an oil as I love the "feel" of the paint and I prefer it for pieces that I want to blend and soften the edges.

My style is a mix of influences and they include: European, US and Caribbean folk art, animation, graphic design, and artists Henri Rousseau, Paul Gauguin and Modigliani.


The majority of my original art is acrylic on canvas. I do some acrylics on masonnite, canvas panel and canvas paper. When I use oils, they are done on the same variety of substrates as my acrylics. On occasion I sell my sketches and there works are usually on paper. Gallery wrap canvas is a canvas that covers the stretcher bars on the sides so the painting continues around the sides. These paintings do not need frames, though you can frame if you want.



My reproductions are mostly limited edition Giclee prints. All of my Giclee's are UV coated. I prefer Giclee in that these prints are printed individually and are most accurate in color matches to the original. Unlike a flat bed press,  Giclees are created by spraying ink drops on a surface that is wrapped around a drum so images can be printed on canvas or heavy weight archival watercolor paper. I also can print various sizes within my run. So while I may have 250 images to print, they do not all have to be the same size.

My printer and publisher, Maui Island Giclee is so time is on Maui so time is needed for printing and shipping. They print only fine art prints. When my edition sells out, that is the end of the image use with the exception of promotion.


Two images - There is No Man who has not Suffered in Love and Woman with Taro - were sold as greeting cards for 5 years from 1982 - 1987. In April 2000, they were selected by Maui Island Giclee for a limited edition. Otherwise, non of my other limited editions has been previously published.

I also have two unlimited edition offset lithographs ( posters). These images are signed though not numbered. Please note that the limited edition prints are printed when ordered, so please allow for production time as it can vary due to number of projects the printer may have. I will be able to give an approximate production time when order is placed.



All prices listed on the website are for the art only. Shipping and insurance fees are additional and are determined by the location that the art is shipped.

Payment options will be discussed.

Upon receiving the art, if the customer is not totally satisfied, I will issue a full refund upon return of said artwork. Customer must inform the artist within 7 days of receipt that the art is unsatisfactory. Please keep the original packing materials to return the artwork.


All my works are protected under copyright registration. I own all reproduction rights to my artwork.



I also do commission work for clients. I discuss with the client images they like and find out what colors, themes, and ideas they have. From there i send sketches for client comments. Sketches will become more detailed as we get closer to final piece. Once an approval of the final sketch is made, then the cost of the painting is determined and agreed upon. At this point a deposit is made to cover materials for the painting. Upon receiving finished work, then the balance of cost is due. I can send samples of prior commission pieces for  review.


care for artworks

Important - with ALL artwork - Do NOT hang where exposed to direct sunlight.


Works on paper - including original paintings, sketches, Giclee prints on paper, posters. Frame under glass, preferably UV coated glass. Avoid very moist areas as moisture can get under glass  and cause mold or spotting.


Giclee canvas reproductions - These may be framed without glass when on stretcher bars. For cleaning dry dust only. Do not get wet. These can also be framed under glass - flat or stretched


Originals on stretched canvas, canvas panel and masonnite. These do not need glass. They all have a final varnish ( except oils that are indicated directly to client. Oils need a long time for 'drying' before a final varnish can be applied. It is not necessary and it has a tendency to yellow over time)

To clean, dry dust first, then if needed wipe with a damp cloth - water only.



The Goddess of Cane - sold


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