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the brush stroke September 29, 2017 


After a year of wet and cold weather, I have departed for warmer weather. As of May 2017, I have settled in sunny Tucson Arizona. I am

enjoying the sunshine and all the wonderful flora and fauna here. While still unpacking, I have completed my first Arizona art project. While

not a painting - it still involved painting. I brought a used kitchen table that I had purchased in Oregon. It was painted a cheery yellow, though fading and unfortunately suffered some scaping and scuffs in the move to Tucson. As I have painted condos, cabinets and furniture over the

years, I decided to paint this table and two chairs. While the oil in the wood presented problems, I have completed my table project.





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February 20, 2017


I am still in Portland Oregon and surviving a cold and damp winter, though very green and lush. I exhibited 3 paintings in a small show with the Oregon Society of Artists this past November. Two pieces sold and one of them received an honorable mention from the juror. These were my first Oregon inspired paintings. Changing my color palette was definitely a challenge as I am so drawn to tropical colors. Still it was a good exercise to grow the creative mind. Definitely had fun with these pieces. All three pieces are 12 x 12" acrylic on wooden cradle boards. They are not meant to be framed. To view larger version please go to Oregon paintings in art galleries section

Columbia's Crusin' Cuties - sold
Honorable Mention OSA show


This was my first Oregon painting. During the summer months, tubing on the Columbia and Willamette rivers is very popular. I live on a bluff overlooking the Willamette. Ducks are an animal that is loved along with beavers. We have a small pool on our apartment complex and a young woman who swam there had an actual mermaid tail that she was practicing with. It was fun to watch her learn how to use it. I asked if she was preparing to join one of those mermaid shows like the ones in Florida, and she said no, she intended to use it in the Willamette River… so she became my idea for my tubing mermaid.


The Three Graces of PDX - sold

This painting is how I see the young women of Portland. The images came while riding the MAX and just walking in the city. Lots of tattoos, unusual hair colorings particularly green, piercings, boots and thigh high tights. Portland is known for its home brews as well as its Marion berries and of course its legal weed. PDX is the airport code and used widely as a replacement for the word Portland.

Frog Lake - available


On summer nights, there is a very loud  chirping that was unfamiliar to me. I would go out at night with a flashlight looking for the insect making this sound. Could not find it. I also realized the sound was coming from the bushes and trees, not the ground. As soon as I got close to the tree, the chirping would stop. Never was able to find anything there either. I began to research and found that the chirping was from a small chorus frog called the Pacific Tree Frog which is common on the Oregon coast and on the River areas. They sound lovely and I thought they might stage their own performances on the river banks at night while we are sleeping.

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