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                 the brush stroke summer 2022






















                                                 Goddess of the Big Horn Fire

This painting was selected for the juried exhibition Elements: Fire at the Tohono Chul galleries in Tucson AZ, August 2022


For me, Fire instills not only fear from  its  raw power but also awe in its hypnotic beauty. Its flames dance with a chaotic rhythm that is mesmerizing. We run to escape its power yet many are drawn to it like the proverbial moth to a flame. Having driven through an active fire zone in Hawaii, I have seen the enormous and consuming power of fire up close and personal.

Fire is also capable of massive destruction while at the same time providing warmth, light, energy. Through its destruction of life, it paves the way  for new life. Living on the edge of the evacuation zone for the June 2020 Bighorn Fire allowed me to see this fire in a way I have not experienced a fire before. I wanted to capture her as a modern mythological goddess as many cultures in the past have done.

I also had a very busy spring with my first showing at the May 2022 Beverly Hills Art Fair which was a great show.


Also was very fortunate to be accepted in the 2022 West edition of New American Paintings. Will post more on this in my next newsletter for fall.


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The Goddess of Big Horn Fire web.png
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