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To view works in the galleries one, two, five, seven, eight, nine and ten: click on the thumbnail and the enlargement will appear. You can click on the enlarged image and it will go to the next enlargement in the row.  Galleries three and four are single images. Galleries six and eleven are slider galleries. Stop any image on the slider and click on it  and it will go to the enlargement. You can also navigate the enlargements from the two arrows to the right and left of the image in the grey background. My enlargements are limited to a specific size on this site, so if you wish to see anything larger, please contact me and I can send an email with a larger image to you.

Paintings that are available for sale are marked as available.  Please contact me for prices.

gallery eight is the print gallery. All prints are priced. Shipping, handling and insurance are additional. Please contact me shipping quotes.







Yellow Jacket Lady - sold